Passport to Language

Language Immersion


We deliver highly engaging Spanish, French and Mandarin classes and language immersion summer camps to kids in a lively, encouraging learning environment.

Our dynamic classes incorporate original music, dance, games, storytelling and more to keep kids immersed and engaged in their target language. With our experienced and fluent teachers, kids follow the adventures of the “Cosmo & Friends,” our multicultural cast of characters who appear in workbooks, songs, and other learning materials. Students learn through a series of “adventures” that mimic those characters.

Popular Languages


Spanish is our most requested language. Parents in every Passport to Language community tell us they feel that Spanish offers practical and cultural relevance for their children.  We are able to offer Spanish at all of our locations.


We teach French using a very similar teaching approach, focusing heavily on accent for its stickier pronunciation elements.  We are able to offer French enrichment at a few of our South Carolina locations. Please ask your Center Director for more information.

Our Unique Teaching Methods are Successful

  • Total Physical Response (TPR) – exposes children to the target language and offers them a variety of ways to respond before actually speaking it – to mimic the way children naturally learn languages.
  • The Rassias Method – exposes learners to new languages through dramatic communication full of emotion and feeling – the surest way to ensure that they retain what they learn.
  • The Multiple Intelligences Theory suggest that learners acquire new information in a variety of ways: musical, verbal, tactile, visual and other means.

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