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Easy, Healthy Summer Snacks

During the summer, children often don’t want to stop their summer fun activities to eat! So having some quick healthy snacks ready to go can help fuel all of their extra summer energy! Snacks don’t have to be sugary, fattening, treats with empty calories; here are a few ideas for...

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Summer Sun Safety

Did you know that just one severe sunburn doubles your child’s chances of getting melanoma later in life?  Sun protection is a serious issue; don’t let the sun damage your child’s delicate skin. Always apply sunscreen 15 – 30 minutes before going outside.  Reapply every two hours or sooner...

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Language Development

Promoting Language Development Language development is one of the most fascinating facets of human growth. Surely you’ve noticed that anytime someone gets near a baby it’s hard to resist smiling, moving closer, and speaking to the baby in simplified, repetitive, high-pitched tones. It seems to be a natural phenomenon,...

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