Four Year Olds

Four Year Olds


Four-year-olds need preparation for “big kid” school, but still learn best through play, both with friends and on their own. Our preschool program offers a balance of free play and structured individual and group activities. Our lesson plans are created around weekly and monthly themes, but still allow for a great deal of flexibility in order to address each child’s interests and skills.

At this age children are developing more intimate peer relationships, asking questions about the world around them and developing self-discipline and control. With this in mind, we offer play centers and activities in the areas of reading and pre-reading, science, math, large and small motor skills, dramatic play, and creative and movement activities. We acknowledge and celebrate each child’s growth and development. We consider different levels of ability and learning styles when developing appropriate activities for this class.

To prepare children for the 21st century is one of our main goals. It is imperative in this day and age to create respect and appreciation for other cultures. Our four-year-olds will receive weekly Spanish classes with an experienced teacher. These classes teach foreign language through stories, music, and games in an immersion environment. The curriculum is age-specific and created to encourage participation of all students. These lessons will be supplemented throughout the week with learning about different countries and cultures through simple crafts, stories, and songs as part of their preschool curriculum.

Four-year-olds are also able to enroll in our Spanish Immersion Preschool offered at some locations.

Age Appropriate Learning

Weekly Spanish

Our four year old classes get a weekly lesson in Spanish. Our experienced language teachers use fun lessons that incorporate music and play to give early exposure to other cultures.

Preparing for Kindergarten

We provide a wonderful opportunity for your child to learn and develop important social skills while getting ready for school!

What to Expect

  • Infant CPR Certified Caregivers – Safety is our top priority. Leaving your baby can be one of the most emotional things a parent has to go through.  Rest assured the safety of your baby is our top priority.
  • Daily Reports – We make sure to document diapering, feeding and all other important information about your baby’s day.

Developmental Milestones

CDC Milestone Checklist

Four-Year-Old Parent Newsletter

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