Giving back to the community: Why it’s best to start early

Volunteering, especially at a young age, has an abundance of health benefits on the mindset of the volunteer as well as their physical health.

Service opportunities teach kids essential skills like long-term planning, how to work with a group, how to interact with a diverse demographic, and an increased ability to define and solve complex problems.

When volunteering is practiced as a family, children are more likely to accept giving back as an important part of their lives. If you want your child to value volunteering at a later age, making the commitment to regularly volunteer as a family is an important key.

Decide if your family will volunteer for a one-time cause or a repeat organization. One-time projects allow children to discover what they enjoy and don’t enjoy doing whereas a repeat organization allows kids to establish a routine volunteering pattern.

Best Volunteer Opportunities for Kids

While there are countless ways young children can give back to their communities, here are some easily accessible ideas:

Donate to a food pantry. Have your child pick out one food item every time you go to the grocery store. After collecting a few items, take your child to a food pantry and allow them to donate their food.

Walk to fight disease. Take your child to a walk that raises money and awareness for organizations and causes that raise money for disease research.

Make and distribute gift boxes or care packages. You and your child can fill boxes with snacks, candy, games or clothes and donate them to homeless shelters or children’s hospitals.

Visit a patient at a nursing home. Many elderly individuals are lonely and want a friend to keep them company. Your child will brighten their day and gain experience working with elderly individuals.

Volunteer at an animal shelter. Your child can better the lives of abandoned cats or dogs while also learning how to interact with animals.

Deliver Meals on Wheels. Take your children around town delivering hot meals or care packages to the homeless or starving families.

Clean up trash from your neighborhood or local park. Arguably the easiest way to volunteer. You and your child can go for a walk and remove any litter you see lying around the community.

Source: Project Bold Life

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