12 months - 24 months


Toddlers are developing independence every day, an experience which is both exciting and challenging.  They are curious and energetic, and enjoy interacting with other children their age.

A toddler learns most through play. Every experience in the classroom is a potential learning experience, and every ‘play’ center in our classroom is actually an opportunity for learning and development.

Language development is extremely important at this age. The children are spoken to frequently, and we encourage them to engage in conversation with their friends and teachers during play and learning experiences. They will be taught Baby Signs (American Sign Language), which helps to build children’s vocabulary both verbally and nonverbally and allows them to communicate their needs and express themselves. Our toddlers will also participate in weekly Spanish classes. The curriculum is a fun, high-energy program that uses music and movement to introduce young children to a foreign language in an exciting, engaging way.

Age Appropriate Learning

Interactive Learning

We encourage learning through music, art, physical activity and sensory play!

Toddler Development

In addition to creative learning, we also focus on other developmental skills such as potty training.

What to Expect

  • Infant CPR Certified Caregivers – Safety is our top priority. Leaving your baby can be one of the most emotional things a parent has to go through.  Rest assured the safety of your baby is our top priority.
  • Daily Reports – We make sure to document diapering, feeding and all other important information about your baby’s day.

Developmental Milestones

CDC Milestone Checklist

Toddler Parent Newsletter

Toddler Play Resources

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