Two year olds are energetic and curious! So we create an environment to nurture and embrace this high energy by giving them room to move and explore during this important developmental time.

We encourage the development of language and communication by effectively using sounds and expressions. We also expose them to our foreign language enrichment through fun songs and active play!

Age Appropriate Learning

Interactive Learning

We encourage learning through music, art, physical activity and sensory play!

Toddler Development

In addition to creative learning, we also focus on other developmental skills such as potty training.

What to Expect

  • Infant CPR Certified Caregivers – Safety is our top priority. Leaving your baby can be one of the most emotional things a parent has to go through.  Rest assured the safety of your baby is our top priority.
  • Daily Reports – We make sure to document diapering, feeding and all other important information about your baby’s day.

Developmental Milestones

CDC Milestone Checklist

Twos Parent Newsletter

Toddler Play Resources

 ZerotoThree Tips

What to Bring